Couples Therapy

Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.  – Rainer Maria Rilke


Couples Therapy

The promise of relationship includes comfort, security, connection, and joy. But often relationships fall short of their promise and lead to real suffering.

Do you have trouble communicating in your relationship? Do you and your partner argue about the same theme over and over again? Do either of you walk on eggshells or blow up? Have you or your partner shut down, lost hope, taken refuge in work, addictive behaviors, or had an affair?

The pain you feel is in proportion to the promise of the relationship. This is because in order to thrive as a couple, old wounds must be met and held in a new way. Learning to turn toward each other with insight and compassion brings the promise of relationship into reality.

Couples counseling provides tools for healthy conflict and communication. It increases insight and offers strategies for rekindling intimacy and finding each other again. Couples counseling can be a powerful intervention for renewal in relationship. It can also clarify a way forward, whether that way is to heal as a couple or as individuals who choose a different path. 

You’ve invested time and resources and your heart and soul in your relationship. Don’t let it go without doing all you can. Call 855-583-2842 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.