Meet the Therapists

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances:
if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

– Carl Jung

Judatha Kline, PhD LMFTJudatha Kline, PhD MFT 

I work with individual adults and couples who have suffered painful loss or trauma and people who are at a difficult crossroads. I help resolve barriers to change and uncover basic resilience. My approach is psychodynamic (concerned with unconscious influences), narrative (externalizing inner dynamics), cognitive-behavioral (working with programmed responses), and mindfulness-based. I provide CPT to veterans, assault survivors, and others with PTSD. I work with neuroses and process addictions, and I support couples to grow through relational crises.

I have a Master’s degree in Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy and a Master’s and Doctoral degree in in Depth Psychology. My education prepared me to see through experiences, symptoms, and emotions to a deeper reality of the psyche and to assist clients in coming to a greater understanding of themselves and their relationships. 

Heather Bartlemus, LMFTHeather Bartlemus, MFT 

Life is messy and struggles are inevitable. My role as a therapist is to help you build resilience to recover from life’s challenges. I provide a safe and confidential space for authentic connection, understanding, and collaboration. I tend to help those suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and losses as well as adjusting to major life and family transitions such as relocations, relationship & career changes.

I have been licensed as a Marriage & Family therapist since 2007. As a resident of Hawaii, I served families for 22 years both as a special educator primarily with autistic children and their families, and a therapist in private practice. Since moving to the Northwest, I received my Marriage and Family therapy licenses for Washington and Oregon. I endeavor to utilize my training and experience to collaborate with you to improve your quality of life and meet your therapeutic goals.

I utilize a variety of approaches in therapy including cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, psychodynamic, and family systems methods. I am also trained in EMDR, an intervention specifically originated for addressing trauma. For couples, I have training in the Gottman Method and the Prepare-Enrich program. I also offer creative journal and expressive arts modalities to support your therapeutic process. These approaches activate a person’s intuition and inner wisdom while promoting self-discovery and fostering mindfulness.

I hope to support and collaborate with you in therapy with a sense of Aloha, compassion, and unconditional positive regard.

Shea O’Donnell Root, LPCShea O’Donnell Root, LPC

I offer counseling services for couples, families and individuals, helping you to gain the skills you need to live the life you want. I believe that everyone needs help sometimes, someone to talk to, someone to help them remember the coping skills they need and develop new tools and healthy perspectives. I work with people dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, and many other issues. I am trained and experienced working with veterans using evidence-based techniques for adjusting to civilian life and relationships.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon. I have been a counselor since I graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2007. I rely upon cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, psychodynamic, mindfulness, and other therapies to help my clients.

Rebecca Lancaster, PhD

I am a licensed psychologist, and my theoretical orientation is cognitive behavioral which is an evidence-based practice. I work from a client-centered, strengths-based approach that empowers people to make changes in their lives. I include motivational interviewing, mindfulness, problem-solving, and communication skills training within our sessions. Most importantly, I am compassionate and warm, and individuals find that it is easy to connect with me.

I have extensive clinical experience working with a variety of client problems. I provide individual therapy to adolescents, adults, and elderly people. I treat individuals with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, and attentional and behavioral problems. Additionally, therapy can be helpful to resolve issues including relationship problems, stress, and adjustment to new situations. I also provide couples and family therapy.

I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology in 2004 from Purdue University in Indiana. Since then, I have worked in community mental health, Veterans affairs, assisted living/nursing facilities, and now in private practice. I am a licensed psychologist in Oregon, Indiana, and Texas.

Elizabeth Grant, PhD MHC

 I am a licensed mental health counselor in Washington.  My practice has been a lived experience working with people as they move through difficult passages of life.  I am a pastoral counselor with a view that the sacred and the spiritual are integral to who we are and how we walk our walk.  I earned my master’s degree in pastoral counseling from Loyola University in Maryland where I completed a two-year internship with the Veteran’s Administration in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  I have been a licensed mental health counselor for over twenty years. My experience has focused on solution-oriented therapy, mindfulness training, and trauma-informed interventions.  I enjoy working with veterans, adolescents, and people wrestling with change that accompanies stages and hard realities of life.  I am drawn to Jungian psychology, and I employ imagery and symbolism as ways of understanding and reflecting.

I am an avid fan of labyrinths and find them to be useful tools for moving mindfulness and insight development.  My interest in this area became my dissertation for the doctorate in education I earned in 2016.